Frequently Asked Questions:

What Type of Picture, Image or File do you Require to Engrave or Print?

We prefer graphics files to be in either CDR, EPS, AI or DXF format.

The best formats for images/pictures are HIGH Quality JPG, TIF, GIF, CPT or PSD.

For Engraving, best results are achieved from a 100% Black Image on a 100% White or Transparent background, with NO Greys or Colours. The High Contrast is of great importance.

For Print, The images Must be of High Quality for best results.

Our team can re-draw your image to a high standard if you require this.

Please note that in our Terms and Conditions, we retain copyright of any artwork we prepare and our redrawing of that artwork will be retained by us. 

Please also note that we cannot accept images or graphic designs that we consider may cause us to breach copyright law if we undertake the work requested of us.


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