Frequently Asked Questions:

How Many Words or Images may I have Engraved?

Our Website allows for Twelve words, however you may have more words added at extra cost, likewise, extra images may be engraved at extra cost.

 Often, the product being engraved dictates how many words/images may be applied due to space constraints.  On products that have extra space or engraving panels, further engraving may be achieved, however care may be required so as not to diminish from the engraving by, for example, engraving on the reverse of a drinking glass, which will cause one not to be able to distinguish between the two sets of engraving when observing the glass. Often engraving on the underside can be used to useful effect, or on awards, perhaps engraving a colour filled logo on the front and engraved text on the rear, thus achieving an interesting multi-dimensional effect.

 If you do not desire to have text or an image, simply use the Not Applicable - N/A - in the options.


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