About Harrogate Engraving

About Us

Harrogate Engraving is a family business based in the beautifully scenic area of Studley Royal, just opposite the world famous Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire. We offer engraving services to the Harrogate, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Thirsk and surrounding areas, and from time to time: London, New Zealand, the USA and even South Africa! 

Harrogate Engraving is the result of the natural outgrowth from our other family business: Colonial Classics Woodcraft and Engraving

With the growing demand for engraving on glass & crystal, awards & trophies, we decided in mid 2015 to separate the bespoke woodcraft from the glass and crystal engraving, which birthed Harrogate Engraving.

Our Equipment

Complimenting our CAD design systems used to draw up your designs, we utilise American Rayzist® and PAB® sand blasting technologies to create the sand blasting masks (like a stencil) and then precisely carve your approved design into the crystal or glass, by hand, using compressed air to power fine abrasive grit through the mask. This results in the perfectly clean lines and sparkle of good glass & crystal engraving, with depth to the cut that you can stick your fingernail into; providing engraving that will be enjoyed by generations to come.

We do not laser engrave glass due to quality issues. We cannot abide imperfect work, whether done on a laser or in a sand blaster, but lasers lean to imperfect and shody glass engraving. In a similar manner, mechanical CNC engraving on glass via diamond tips, leaves a scratched, minimally engraved finish; therefore we do not use our top of the range CNC engraver for glass and crystal either! 

In addition to the above, for all other engraving purposes, we are pleased to be able to serve you with a growing high-tech tool base which includes two Laser Engravers/Cutters, a large flat-bed CNC Engraving/Cutting machine and a brand new British made Umarq® CNC engraving machine for metal, trophy & jewelry engraving.

We compliment the engraving with colour printing onto glass, wood, brass, steel, etc. We have full design facilities and mask/stencil making is done in-house using Rayzist® equipment.


Some of the machinery in our engraving room - Laser Engravers and Sandblaster (in use at the rear of the room).

Materials we work with

Harrogate Engraving is able to work with and engrave onto a wide range of materials, from Glass and Optical Crystal Ware supplied by The Glass Scribe® to Acrylics from Trotec® and Rowmark®, Corian®, and Wood, Laminates and Composites. Added to this is brass, aluminium, silver, trophies and plaques.

Feel free to ask if you have something special in mind that we can tailor make for you.


Although our standard turnaround time is 10 working days, we usually undertake projects in considerably less time. Give us a call if it is urgent or there are any special requests. We delight to help whenever we can.