Weddings & Anniversaries

Wedding & Anniversary Crystal, Glasses & Gifts

What a tremendous joy to be married! Weddings and Anniversaries are worthy of special gifts, tableware and mementos.

Popular for gifts on the wedding day are Bride's Maid and Mother-of-the-Bride Champagne Flutes, beautifully engraved with names and a personal message, or for the Groom & Best Man, how about a Crystal Whisky Tumbler or Crystal Beer Tankard.

As an heirloom and wonderful gift for a Bride & Groom are our Rock Tablets, engraved and colour in-filled with the family Coat/s of Arms or Scotish Clan Crests. These can be found under our Gifts Category or in the Flat Glass Awards section.

For anniversaries, perhaps a cut crystal fruit bowl or vase or even an optical crystal photo frame, engraved with names, dates and a personal message or verse, then with a photograph slipped into the gilded frame.

Browse through the links below for ideas, or perhaps give us a call


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Bespoke Wedding & Aniversary Options:

If you can’t find that special item or idea you have in mind, give us a call, we may be able to surprise you! We work with oak and other woods to create lasting memories and heirlooms

 Other favourite choices are custom, deeply engraved wine and champagne bottles, with or without colour in the engraving. These can include interesting messages like “ To be opened on your 10th Anniversary”!

Bread and End Grain Chopping Boards, engraved or even inlaid can be a lasting gift too, especialy one of our bespoke end-grain boards.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss one of these bespoke options. We love to work with you in developing your ideas.